Junior School

Our Junior school comprises 6 classrooms and currently has 42 students. Each class is named after an Australian mountain or range. Class groups are organised to cater for individual needs of each student in the best way possible. There is a clear transition path through our school, and our aim is to provide students with skills essential to their final departure from our school. This is done in consultation with parents, and includes a focus on developing Independent Living Skills and other important skills to make students ready for life after school, such as travel training, personal safety, conflict resolution as well as a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills.

Our Classes in the Junior Unit this year are:

Typo - Brittany & Ranni

Buffalo - Philippa, Lisa & Darlene

Stirlilng - Jacinta & Emily

Mt Beauty - Kate, Tina & Sarah

Mt Pilot - Jacqui, Sharon & Molly

Cobbler - Lee & Alicia